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Which Caliber Would you Choose?

By October 21, 2018Uncategorized

Which Caliber Would You Choose?  The F4 Small Frame AR10 gives you a ton of choices!

Do you hunt? How about .243 Remington or 7mm-08.  Do you compete in the Precision Rifle Series?  Then look at .308 Winchester, 6.5 Creedmoor, or even the badass and little known .22 Creedmoor that is an absolute burner.  Offering multiple calibers in the AR10 platform is nothing new, offering a wide range of calibers in a Small Frame AR10 is.  The F4 SF-10 AR15 sized from the magwell back; utilizing quite a few Mil-Spec AR15 parts.  And we make the lightest AR10 platform in the industry.  It’s not a skeletonized “Tacti-cool” rifle with Titanium parts; it was done by significantly reducing the size of the Receivers, Barrel Extension, and Bolt Carrier Group (BCG).

In just a few weeks we’ll be releasing our SF-10 in the following calibers and configurations:


  • .308 WinchesterF4 Defense F4X Small Frame 308
  • 6mm Creedmoor
  • 6.5 Creedmoor
  • .243 Winchester
  • .260 Remington
  • .22 Creedmoor
  • 7mm-08


  • .308 Winchester
  • 8.6 Creedmoor
  • .45 Raptor

Military and Law Enforcement:

  • .308 Winchester

Hunters, we have every game animal covered in North America.  Size and weight matters, when humping it through the mountains, forest, or desert.  The .243 Winchester and 7mm-08 have been a staple for large game hunting for a very long time.  The 7mm-08 now comes in a semi-automatic lightweight rifle. The 7mm projectile is very versatile and suitable for all of North America’s game animals, good ballistic performance and power enough to deliver knock down velocities over distance.

This medium capacity cartridge is the .308 Winchester necked down to the popular 7mm caliber. The 7mm-08 cartridge has the same powder capacity as the .308 Winchester, but it fires more narrow, higher B.C. projectiles in any given weight category, thus it shoots faster and flatter, drifts less in the wind and retains more energy downrange.

Predators, particularly coyotes, don’t stand a chance with the .22 Creedmoor sending an 80 grain Berger bullet downrange at 3600fps.  Lights out!

PRS, 3-Gun, and the various Sniper competitions; we’ve got your back.  You have a wide range of calibers to choose from; 6.5 Creedmoor, 6mm Creedmoor, .22 Creedmoor, .308 Win, .260 Remington… a 7.5lb rifle.

And our LE/MIL brothers.  It just makes sense that a 16” .308 Win that weighs 6.49lbs holds a significant advantage in tight spaces and on the move.  The large caliber stopping power, size and weight of an AR15, and versatility of a semi-automatic rifle…..again, it just makes sense!










  • James Hornak says:

    If I was to have an AR10 I would go with 260 Remington. Good old proven cartridge with many decent bullet choices as well as allowing for multi function between hunting, defense and long range target shooting. It’s not a current or old military cartridge so ammunition doesn’t vary so much when the preppers are storming the stores. Also 260 Remington can always be formed from 308 in dire need. That’s why I think 260 Rem is for me.

    • Dave Fairfax says:

      .260 is always a good choice and one of my favorites. My oldest son took his first Deer with a .260 Rem. It’s amazing you can run all these calibers in the AR10 platform.

  • We have been looking at the POF small frame AR-10 for a while. Even have had trigger time with one. The cost prevents us from bringing one into the shop though for a demo. While ordering some piston kits from Adam’s Arms, we saw they had several different small frame AR-10s and the price is much better! Thus we have found your company. Looking forward to checking out one of your weapons.

  • Shawn Putman says:

    I would pick the 7mm08

  • Johnnie says:

    I’d say 6.5 creedmoor, Its easy to find and inherently accurate, I consider it the perfect caliber, being versatile and inherently accurate.

  • Jason Greene says:

    I’d personally like to try 22 Creedmoor as a predator/varmint rifle.

    • The .22 Creedmoor is one that we are very excited about. It’s an absolute barn burner of a round, flat shooting and very fast. It’s the predator hunters that are really shooting this cartridge right now. We also considered that there are not off the shelf ammo choices, however, we’re working with a few companies, Copper Creek Munitions is one, where they will develop a load for you and sell you ammo and the prices are pretty damn good. Also, there is rumor going around that Hornady will be coming out with a ELD Match ammo in .22 Creedmoor. That I’m looking forward to.

  • Zebulan Doyle says:

    I would prefer to see a 7mm mag built into an AR-10 frame in any size. But out of all honesty I’ve hunted with a 7mm-08 since I was a kid taking my first doe. Hands down it outclasses the .243 in every category except sectional density. But 6mm will always win that. On that same note the 260 rem is the second choice. Both shoot flat. Both have stopping power at close range. And accuracy at a distance. But I also have a 6mm Remington that is about as good as either but has a few drawbacks in the brush.

    • Christian Vitale says:

      I love the 7mm-08 rem I’ve never shot the 7mm mag but I agree that built into an AR-10 frame and in any size as well would be awesome I’ve also always hunted with 7mm-08 rem which was once considered the best all around rnd for hunting but I feel that 6.5 creeedmore has now taken on that role and has become more popular in the last couple years since ammo in 6.5 has become more available but with that rifle I feel .308 AR-10 is most suitable for that rifle but like I said I agree that 7mm mag built into an AR-10 frame would be awesome, it’s def a tough decision what end to go with with that rifle, the style just makes me think .308 AR-10 would be most suitable.

  • David Bonomo says:

    308. Win

  • Christian Vitale says:

    Agreed I’d go with .308 (AR-10) as well or 6.5 creedmore which I already have and use in competitions but it’s not a rifle like my 6.5 which is a bench rifle for matches I also already have a .308 AR 10 as well which is similar to that rifle And that’s what makes me feel that rifle would be more suitable as a .308 AR10

  • david n samples says:


  • Mike says:

    I’m really starting to like the .224 V but, require a bit more punch when I’m in the Treestand, more like anything in the .30 cal selection. I am very happy to see the development of these “new” rounds! It’s a very exciting time to be behind the trigger!

    • Dave Fairfax says:

      Then you would love the .22 Creedmoor. It’s basically the big brother of the Valkyrie. But quite a bit faster and better B.C.

  • RJ Adkins says:

    I’ll get one built in 260 Rem for a couple of reasons. 1. Because I always thought that would be sweet cartridge for the AR platform if they’d ever get it to cycle properly, which these folks say they have solved that problem. 2. I’ve been reliading and shooting the 260 in a Remington XP-100R for years, and am well set up for the cartridge.

  • Scott says:

    25 Creedmoor with the new 131 gr. Blackjack ace.

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